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We know we're not your only option when choosing a Training Provider.  Here is a list of questions to ask to help you make a more educated decision about your new career.

How is the Microsoft Office Specialist Program presented?
 The unique course is customized for each student's individual needs and abilities, with all students progressing at their own pace.  Students are not held up or pushed ahead before they are ready, based on others in the class.  Students receive immediate feedback on their projects and tests, with a line-by-line analysis of what was incorrect so they can learn from their mistakes.  Projects simulating real life job tasks are given to prepare students for the transition into employment.
Does this program contain "Lab Time"?
 'Lab time' is a term used when students are on their own to work on projects, often adding in a lot more clock hours since students have to figure things out on their own.  At Merit Training Institute, we feel strongly that this is a misuse of time and leads to frustration.  All Merit class time is instructor lead, with a qualified instructor present at all times to assist students if they get stuck.  Learning a new program is challenging enough without having to try and figure things out on your own.  Even after class, our instructor is available for tutoring or to answer questions.
How will I be prepared to take the certification exams? 
In this competitive job market, more and more employers are looking for verification of a prospective employee's skills.  There is no better way to stand out from the crowd than to show your credentials as a Microsoft Office Specialist in each of the different Microsoft programs.  In order to fully prepare you for this success, Merit Training Institute offers free and unlimited practice certification exams.  These practice exams are set up identical to the actual certification exams so you are completely prepared.  Exams are always offered at our cost per exam, which includes a free retake.  Don't get stuck paying more!
What type of equipment will I be learning on?  Are you using the most up-to-date technology?
Students learn on state-of-the-art desktop computers, with flat screen monitors, as well as full size keyboards with wrist support.  All computers operate on a Windows 7 platform.  Merit Training Institute never utilizes laptop computers for learning purposes.  In general, desktop PC's lend themselves to a more ergonomically correct work space.  A desktop computers adjustable monitor, keyboard and position on the desk space help minimize strain on the eyes, neck, back, wrists and hands.

Merit Training Institute is also equipped with state-of-the-art overhead projectors, instead of transparency projectors, to further enhance our students' learning experience.
5.  What version of Microsoft Office is available?
 Whether updating your skills or looking for a new career path, Merit Training Institute is able to provide the proper Microsoft Office version for your needs.  Our Microsoft Office Specialist course is available in 2010.  Student's career goals are discussed prior to enrollment to determine which version to use for your training.
Can you continue to refresh your Microsoft Office skills after completion of the program?
Microsoft Office training materials are available for two years after entrance into the program.  Students are able to keep their skills current and fresh, even when not often used on the job.
Do they offer Job Placement Services to graduates and for how long after graduation?  Is Professional Resume Writing included in the course?  Is someone always available during business hours to assist you with finding employment?
 Merit offers Lifetime Placement Assistance to all of its graduates.  We have a Placement Coordinator always available during business hours to help you in your search for employment.  Students are given Professional Resume Writing Services, hands-on instruction on how to construct a cover letter and thank you letter, mock interviews, follow-up techniques, salary negotiations, and more as part of all of our courses.  Students are encouraged to come in after graduation to get additional assistance (for example, interview practice right before a big interview) as needed to secure a position.  We strive to find all of our students lasting, long term employment in their field of study.
8.  How does the Training Provider treat its graduates?
We welcome our graduates back at Merit.  Not only do we offer Lifetime Placement Assistance, but our Student Resource Area is available to our alumni as well.  Here, graduates have a place where they can correspond with potential employers, construct cover letters, or study for certification exams away from the distractions of home.