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We know we're not your only option when choosing a Training Provider.  Here is a list of questions to ask to help you make a more educated decision about your new career.

1.  Is the school using current training materials?
 In our medical billing & coding class, all of our materials are from 2017, this includes all textbooks and coding books.  Technology is always changing, and the medical billing & coding field is no exception.  It is imperative that students learn from current coding materials to understand this field, and all the changes that take place from one year to the next.

Are you able to get in touch with the school during normal business hours and are requests for information returned promptly?  Is the staff professional, helpful and courteous?  
 How a school responds to your requests for information can tell you a lot about how they treat their students.  If your requests for information aren’t answered quickly, it may mean that your concerns as a student won’t be dealt with promptly either.  At Merit, our director’s sole focus is our only location in Burlington Twp., NJ.  It is important to have someone on-site to immediately assist you with any questions or concerns during your training.

How experienced is the instructor teaching the course?  Do they have industry certifications, practical experience in their field, as well as teaching experience?
In order to create a dynamic learning experience, an instructor must possess years of on-the-job knowledge.  An instructor with little hands-on experience won’t be able to guide you through the program and give you practical, real-world explanations.  At Merit, our instructor has both real world experience, combined with teaching experience. 

Our medical billing & coding instructor has 20+ years experience and industry certifications to fully prepare students to take their certification exams.
Are the facilities clean and well-maintained?  Are they utilizing the most up-to-date technology?
 During your admissions appointment, make sure to request a tour of the facilities, especially the classrooms.  Do the computers appear to be in working order?  Do the classrooms look worn and out of date?  At Merit, our classrooms and Student Resource Area feature new computers with flat screen monitors.  Our instructors use state-of-the-art overhead projectors, instead of transparency projectors, to further enhance the students’ learning experience.
Do they offer job placement services to graduates and for how long after graduation?  Is someone always available on-site, during business hours to assist you with your job search?
 Merit offers Lifetime Placement Assistance to all of its graduates.  We have an on-site Placement Coordinator always available during business hours to help you in your search for employment.  Students are provided with professional resumes, prepared by a staff with 15+ years of resume writing experience, and workshops for cover-letter writing, interview skills, follow-up techniques, job searching, social networking, and so much more.  We strive to find all of our students lasting, long-term employment in their field of study.
How large are the class sizes?  Does each student have their own workspace and computer?
 It’s important that each student receives the attention they deserve.  A smaller class size means more individualized attention.  Ask your prospective training provider what the maximum teacher/student ratio is.  When touring the facilities, check to see if the number of desks and computers match the maximum class size, or if you will be required to share resources. At Merit, we will never have any more than 8 students per classroom, although most class sizes are 4 - 6 students.  Each student will have their own computer, and there will never be a time when they are required to share.
Does the Training Provider require a high school diploma or G.E.D.? 
 Per NJ state code 12:41-2.4, all vocational students must provide proof of either a high school diploma, GED certificate, or passing score on an ‘ability to benefit’ test.  While many schools will accept an ‘ability to benefit’ score, the certification companies will not.  At Merit we require a high school diploma or GED, thus ensuring all of our students are eligible to sit for their credentialing exams.
Are the NHA’s CBCS, CMAA & CEHRS certification exams computerized? 
 Computerized certification exams provide you with instantaneous scoring.  You have the peace of mind of knowing immediately if you’ve passed.  When a school administers an exam using pencil and paper, it can take up to four weeks to receive your score. At Merit, the CBCS, CEHRS and CMAA exams are always given on the computer and scheduled at multiple dates and times for the convenience of the student.  Immediately upon passing their exams, students resumes are updated so that every employer who receives future resumes is aware of their certification status.
How does the Training Provider treat its graduates?
 We welcome our graduates back at Merit.  Not only do we offer Lifetime Placement Assistance, but our Student Resource Area is available to our alumni as well.  Here, graduates have a place where they can update their resume, search for employment, correspond with potential employers or study for certification exams away from the distractions of home.
Do they tell you that you can work from home with no previous experience? Are salary projections too good to be true?
 When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  While it is possible to find work from home positions in the medical billing and coding field, these usually require at least five years experience and your CPC certification.  When working out of an office, typical salaries in the industry range from $12.00 to $18.00 per hour, depending upon experience and certifications.