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"After I lost my job after 17 years of great employment, I was, needless to say, very sad and concerned about my future employment. I wanted to transition into a career that I felt could provide good stability for the future. Within a year, I was connected with Merit Training Institute and their Computerized Accounting with Microsoft Office program.

When I first met Tricia and Brandi, I was inspired and given confidence by them that change was possible. They provided me with the skills and tools I needed in a structured program that developed my proficiency in using Microsoft Office programs and spreadsheets as well as QuickBooks. In a relatively short amount of time, I was able to become QuickBooks & Microsoft Office certified and was much more comfortable using these programs. I learned so much! Brandi and Tricia were so kind and supportive as they assisted me in my coursework and job search. Within 3 months of graduation, I obtained employment as an accounting clerk at a local company where I use the skills I learned at Merit. I am grateful for what I learned at Merit Institute. I highly recommend Merit! "

Marge O.

-- Accounting & QuickBooks with Microsoft Office Graduate 2015


"There is soooo much I can say about Merit Institute, where do I start?  I wanted to further my education without going to a 4 year school.  When an old friend suggested Merit, I went on a tour the next day!!! Needless to say I was thrilled, excited and ready to start right there and then. 

Brandi, Tricia and Catherine were so nice, caring and supportive of us while we were there (even after graduation). I'm super happy that I went back to school, and even happier that I chose them to help me further my education. All 3 ladies are there for you whenever you need them to be.  But it's up to you to utilize them and ask questions if you don't understand what's going on in class, or whatever you might have trouble understanding. They are not there to hold your hand, but they will gladly guide you in the direction that you need to be.  School is what you make it...so my advice to you is to not make it hard on yourself.  Ask for help, that's what they are there for, pay attention during each lesson, and for God sake people, ask questions!!!!!! I loved my 3 ladies and they loved me!!!!! 

Thanks to Merit, I was able to do my externship until completion.  And thanks to Tricia's constant job opening emails she sends, I was able to start working 2 days after I was done my externship!!!!!  I'm happy to say I'm employed, with a great company and the pay is nice!!!!! Good luck to all the future students!!!!!!! If you choose Merit you're choosing the best!!!!!! 


Tiffany Riddick, CCMA, CPCT, CET, CPT, CEHRS"

--Medical Assistant & Patient Care Tech. w/EHR/EMR Graduate 2015


"Not all training institutes are created equally, therefore it's very important to chose wisely in whom you'll trust to guide you with your career goals in today's competitive healthcare market. At Merit, you will get guidance from administration and instructors who have first-hand knowledge of the courses and the industries. For example, Catherine our enthusiastic and very resourceful, knowledgeable CCMA Instructor who has over 10 years hands-on experience she has this rare unique ability to share her knowledge with clarity for easy understanding; Catherine is amazing! Brandi, our Administrator, she is also 1000% invested in our future and works tirelessly to ensure that we are all successful - a rare quality nowadays where most businesses puts profits before people.

Tricia, our Placement Coordinator, she has a special gift in writing  our resume that commands attention and stands out from the pack.She also, understands  the current climate of the healthcare market and is always there to guide us in chosing the best fit in employment.

Colleen, our courteous and friendly receptionist,she always greets us with a friendly  smile which puts our mind at ease whatever our reasons.
I strongly  recommend  Merit Training Institute to anyone who is serious about getting world-class training in today's competitive healthcare arena,It is wise to take advantage of the externship offered  even if you've had other healthcare experience.Finally, remember that everyone at Merit is pulling for you to succeed not just as a student but for a lifetime!"

Merlene Cover, CCMA, CPCT, CET, CPT, CEHRS

--Medical Assistant & Patient Care Tech. w/EHR/EMR Graduate 2015


"I attended the Merit Training Institute, Medical Billing and Coding program.  After being laid off I was directed to take this program to enhance my skill set, what I learned made me realize what I did not know when it came to billing. Extra help was always available and the entire staff provided me with guidance.  When I thought my resume was good enough they showed me how  to dig deep into my skill set and enhance it even more.  Since I have graduated and passed my CPC, they are still actively involved in sending me leads for new employment. I have recently found a permanent position due to the lead that was given.  I am thankful for all the help and assistance they provide and the helpful staff."


--Medical Billing and Coding w/ICD-10 Graduate 2015


"This is absolutely the best business/technical school! I met with Brandi after interviewing several other schools. Brandi had all the knowledge plus all the latest statistics and trends in the job market.  The staff; Tricia, Jo, Catherine & Colleen are second to none!  I initially chose Medical Billing and Coding in 2011. I was so impressed by the training, organization and management of Merit Institute.

When I was able to return there was no question! I chose to attend the Clinical Medical Assistant program in 2015. By attending Merit Institute I saved time and money. These are two very important aspects when you are job searching! You gain extremely valuable lessons, training and exam preparation that are not offered at other schools in the area! Catherine my instructor for Clinical Medical Assisting was so positive and informative she changed my life! I am now trained and prepared to work in Medical Billing, Medical Administration and Medical Assisting!"


--Medical Assistant & Patient Care Tech. w/EHR/EMR Graduate 2015


"Choosing Merit Institute for furthering my education was a great choice.  I had several choices to choose from however; the staff at Merit were approachable and gave the family oriented vibe.  I was nervous that the course would be taught in as little as 10 weeks, however Brandi Lippincott assured me that we would learn what was needed to pass all of our certifications without any fillers.  

Catherine Howell the instructor of the Medical Assistant course, was absolutely a great person to work with.  She demonstrated compassion for her students, as well as having a sense of humor.  Catherine made you feel like you were the only student in the class, even though my class contained six people. We learned so many avenues of the medical industry from Catherine, rather she was giving us her hands on experience, or the experiences that her prior classes had, we were able to relate to the courses being taught.  Lastly when she says don't worry, you will do great! believe her, she knows what she is talking about :)

I passed all my certs with acceptable scores and I am so proud of myself.  Tricia, the Placement Coordinator goes above and beyond with assisting the graduates with preparation for employment.  It is a little tedious initially, however, I have no doubt that I will find the perfect job for me.  
I thank my Merit family for believing in me, when I didn't believe in myself." 


--Medical Assistant & Patient Care Tech. w/EHR/EMR Graduate 2015


"After visiting a few schools, choosing to attend Merit for the medical & billing course was the best decision I could have made. Thanks so much Brandi & Tricia for always believing in me. I also want to acknowledge [my instructor] Jo for bringing it all together, letting us see the light. If you want a exciting new career, Merit is the place to be."


--Medical Billing and Coding w/ICD-10 Graduate 2015


"Highly recommend!!!  After meeting with several schools for Medical Billing and Coding, Brandi at Merit Training Institute stood out.  She not only answered all my many questions but also put me at ease starting a new career.  Staff is very supportive along with caring about their student’s success.  I’m grateful to my very knowledgeable instructor.  This school is outstanding in preparing for exams.  Even without having a medical background, I was able to pass and get my certifications: CBCS, CMAA, CEHRS and CPC.  Thanks to the school and staff, I was employed within weeks of graduating and passing my certifications."


--Medical Billing and Coding w/ICD-10 Graduate 2014


"Great school.  They really care about helping you go through the program and help you find a job."


-- Clinical Medical Assistant Graduate 2014


"I am so happy I chose Merit to go to school.  I finished my medical coding program at the top of my class, and found a job within a week and a half after graduation!  I felt very well prepared for my interview with the skills I learned and the pretend interviews we practiced in class.  I would highly recommend Merit to anyone.  Thank you!"


-- Medical Billing & Coding Graduate 2014


"I am so proud of myself and owe to Merit for my accomplishments.  I never finish anything, but proved to myself that I am more than capable and am going to be an exceptional medical assistant!"


-- Clinical Medical Assistant Graduate 2013


"Last month I completed and graduated from the Medical Billing and Coding course offered at Merit.  Before choosing Merit, I interviewed with a few other schools.  I was impressed by Brandi, the Director, who took a lot of time with me and answered all of my questions.  Brandi allowed me to sit in on one of the instructor's classes, which finalized my decision in choosing Merit.   The instructor was knowledgeable in all areas of coding and we were well prepared to sit for the NHA Certifications of CMAA, CBCS, and CEHRS.  Most importantly, he prepared us for the AAPC national exam to become a CPC, Certified Professional Coder.  Without his guidance and support I would never have been able to pass this test.  Brandi goes above and beyond to be sure her students learning needs are met.   Thank you to everyone at Merit for making my experience a positive and enjoyable one!!

Lisa Chaszar"

-- Medical Billing & Coding Graduate, 2013


"I visited many schools before choosing Merit Training Institute.  This was a decision that truly changed my life. 

The choice was easy. Brandi's professionalism, extensive knowledge, and ability to communicate the advantages of higher education were stellar. 

I highly recommend Brandi's program to anyone looking to further their education with support and long-term guidance."

A. Coleman

-- Clinical Medical Assistant Graduate 2013


"Thanks so much for your expert help today.  I really do appreciate it.  You gave me some fabulous recommendations.  I feel confident to go on my interview tomorrow, especially with all of my updated skills.  Thanks!


-- Accounting & QuickBooks with Microsoft Office Graduate 2013


A recent correspondance from one of our Medical Assistant graduates:

"Just wanted to let you know that I am making out great at the externship. Students that don't take advantage of externing there are missing out. Last week I put in almost 30 hours in 3 days.  My second day I performed numerous EKG's and I must say I was quite nervous, but after the second one, I felt like I've been doing them forever, it was a breeze.  My third day, I assisted the Dr. with her rounds at a nursing home in Pennsauken,  after the office closed.  That was very interesting as well.

Today, I sat in the Dr.'s examining room with her and entered all the information for each patient's visit into the computer while she was examining each patient. That was a great experience too!  With that particular program, I entered from the moment the patient walked into the room, to reason for visit, vital signs, symptoms, exam findings, diagnosis, procedures, plans of actions and even prescriptions. I also got to work in the lab today for a little while, before the Dr. snatched me for her exams.  I am really enjoying it and the people there are great!

Also, wanted to let you know that I am the only one there that attended a ten week course as opposed to the 9 month or whatever it is, I learned way more in your 10 week course than these people did in 9 months.  I was very surprised at the lack of knowledge.

Anyway, hope all is well! I will keep in touch and let you know how I'm making out until I have my hours in. Hopefully, I can get 160 hours in within 4 or 5 weeks.


-- Clinical Medical Assistant Graduate, 2013


"I recently completed a course in Medical Billing and Coding. From the first day I called about the available programs to present, it has been nothing but a positive experience. The director, Brandi, has always presented herself in a very professional manner. Brandi is kind, knowledgeable, and always helpful in every way, not to mention always pleasant to be around. Tricia is equally knowledgeable, friendly, and just as helpful. I consider the Merit Institute my home away from home. I am welcome to come in anytime to use their book resources or computers. I feel the coding instructor is a great asset to the school.  He is very knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to helping students fulfill their dreams. I am not as young as most students, so this was a bit challenging for me, but my perseverance has helped me accomplish many new tasks. I currently am studying for my CPC exam, which is not an easy exam. The instructor has helped me tremendously with test taking skills, tips, and any time I have a question he has always taken the time to give his experience, knowledge on how to handle what I needed help with. Over all, the Merit Institute, in my opinion is a wise choice for anyone wishing to expand their career or start a new one. Merit Institute has other courses of which I am not to familiar with, but from what I have heard from other students attending, they are equally impressed with the instructors and classes. With this all being said, I am very happy I chose Merit Institute for my new career path while continuing to prepare for my CPC exam...I am going to pass!!!

Tracy M."

--Medical Billing & Coding Graduate, 2013


"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  It has been an honor and a privilege and a real pleasure sitting under your teaching.  If all of my teachers were as kind, patient and giving as you, I could have had 2 degrees by now!  You have a genuine heart for others and it shows.  Thank you for sharing yourself with me...I am forever blessed by having you touch my life.  Thanks for everything." (Written to our instructor)

"Dear Brandi,

Thank you for everything!  Your service, committment and dedication is truely unparalleled.  Merit Training Institute is in a class by itself!  Your kind and encouraging words helped to restore my fading confidence, and for that I am forever grateful." (Written to our Director)

Lesa Green
--Medical Billing & Coding Graduate, 2012


"My experience at Merit Institute was both challenging and very rewarding. The staff was awesome! I was warmly welcomed from the point of the telephone call to gather information. The administrator went out of her way to help me with acquiring the funding I needed to enroll. She was also very kind and caring during the entire time, going out her way to see that my needs were met.

The teacher was absolutely wonderful. She prepared the class for testing with the utmost professionalism while still being very witty and caring. I received many one on one encounters when I felt I was struggling and this attention helped me to graduate at the top of my class.

The Placement Coordinator has gone above and beyond helping me to get a job. She was very helpful and thorough when teaching us resume techniques and preparing me for the interview process, she was always there to answerany questions. I start my new job on Monday.

Overall, my experience was wonderful! The entire staff at Merit was professional, kind, caring and willing to go the extra mile for me. The last day we were given a cake with all of our names on it!  A very fitting gesture for the kind of wonderful people that are employed there."

With Sincere Gratitude,
Saundra Huffman
--Medical Billing & Coding Graduate, 2010


"Like many people caught in this very poor economy, I found myself, at 57 years old, jobless.  While my parents, at this age, were starting to look forward to retirement, I was looking to start a new career.  I began my search, only to find that I was lacking the skills needed to find a decent job. 

I’m a highly motivated individual and in my most recent job, which was with a small company, I was trained to step into any position where I was needed.  Now, I lacked the confidence and skills. Through the Burlington County One Stop program, I was able to receive funding to return to school. I looked at approximately four schools before I decided on Merit Institute. I chose Merit because the program is designed to meet the needs ofeach individual. Interviewing skills and resume writing are also a part of the program.

Brandi Lippincott is the director, and she was most helpful in making suggestions that would ultimately attract employers to me.  Her knowledge of what is needed in a resume to make it stand out from so many others has already resulted in numerous interviews.

Your Merit days are not over once you graduate. Get ready. If there's a job out there, Merit's Placement Coordinator will find it. You’ll need to check your email twice a day for all the job postings and upcoming job fairs she sends you. My hat’s off to everyone at Merit that made this such a positive experience and most of all gave me the confidence I needed to get back out there."

Denise Croce
--Microsoft Office Specialist Graduate, 2011


"As a former Microsoft Office student of Merit Training Institute, I would like to commend the school for giving me the skills to secure a position which I love.  I have been out of the professional workforce for several years andwanted to re-enter, but found my skills were outdated.  After attending the Microsoft Office Specialist course, I was certified in Microsoft Word and was employed shortly thereafter.  The instructor and staff could not have been more helpful and I appreciate all the assistance they gave me."

Tracy M.
--Microsoft Office Specialist Graduate, 2011


“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Merit.  It was very helpful to have people who really cared about my education and future.  Thank you!”

--Microsoft Office Specialist Graduate, 2011


“I had a new job within two weeks of graduation.  Thank you for all ofyour help.”

--Medical Billing & Coding Graduate, 2011


I first would like to start off by saying I do not know how I would have made it back into the workforce without Merit Training Institute. After taking some time off to raise my family, I found that I lost what little computer skills I once had.  The hands on experience and practical knowledge Ireceived were beyond my expectations.

The support I received from the knowledgeable and friendly faculty was excellent. If ever there was a concern or question, there was always someone to help. My teacher was very helpful and open, willing to give additional, individualized support when I had any questions. My teacher knew the Microsoft Programs backwards and forwards, giving me tips and tricks along the way that were outside of the lessons. I really appreciated being able to go at my own pace.  It really helped me feel confident in my skills.  The practice Microsoft tests also really helped me feel comfortable with the testing format and what would be expected of me.  I passed my Microsoft Word certification exam on my first attempt!

Prior to graduation, I was prepared for my new career by helping plan out my resume and providing the necessary interview techniques.  Upon graduating from Merit, the placement person also made sure to follow up with me to see how interviews were going, and how I was doing.  And still after finding a job in which I love, they still keep in contact to make sure all is well. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Merit. I highly recommend to anyone needing to upgrade their skills or trying to find their dream job.

--Microsoft Office Specialist Graduate, 2011


"The instructor is great in preparing us for the outside world.  I personally found anesthesia the most interesting and why procedures are sometimes not covered.”

--Medical Billing & Coding Graduate, 2010


"I highly recommend this school to anyone that wants a quality education quickly. Merit has helped me change my career path in just a few months. My teacher went above and beyond to make sure that I learned everything I could in that short time. She stayed late with me and even answered my emails after hours if I needed help with anything. Merit has changed my life for the better and I am now happily employed with a great company! The staff is friendly and personable, and they are fully invested in your job placement and success. I am truly grateful for the dedication and support as I transitioned into my new career. I feel like I have made new friends for life!"

--Microsoft Office Specialist Graduate, 2011


"Having a place to come study for my certification exams without the distractions of home made all the difference for me passing my CPC exam."

--Medical Billing & Coding Graduate, 2010